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Poster: Caitlin Olson Date: Apr 25, 2018 11:07am
Forum: news Subject: The Washington Post: The Joy Reid fight reinforces how critical the Internet Archive is to modern politics

There used to be two distinct kinds of written records: institutional and personal. The former were newspapers and corporate records and political documents and so on. These were important, and systems were developed to archive them. Personal documents — letters, personal mail, diaries and journals — were mostly lost over time, with the exception of some things that were passed down in families or, in the case of famous people, collected by institutions.

The Internet blurred that line. Institutional records were still institutional records, but now personal records could be published as broadly as newspaper articles. Often those publishing systems had built-in archiving systems that ensured that the personal writing wasn’t lost; this was a feature, given that a blog wouldn’t be of much use if you lost everything more than a week old.

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